How to Get Around in Dubai City

Getting around in Dubai City is not a big hassle. Here you have many options to get around  the city. Depending on your budget, you can choose from an economy ride like a bus, to a super luxurious ride like a limousine car. Let's explore all the options and see which one suits your budget for getting around in Dubai City.

By Metro

Dubai Metro is one of the most modern, fully-tech, comfortable, economical, and fast options for getting around in Dubai city. It almost covers a huge and main area of Dubai City, but unfortunately it's not covering the whole City. You can even ride in the metro from Dubai International Airport Terminal-1, on your arrival to Dubai. To ride the metro you need a ticket, but don’t worry You can buy tickets in any metro station. You can choose from a one-trip ticket, or one-day ticket, or rechargeable card, which is called Nol Card. Nol Card can also be used on the bus. So ride the metro and enjoy an amazing view of Dubai while traveling.

By Bus

As Dubai Metro has fixed routes and mostly covers the main area of the city, to travel street by street in Dubai on economical way, you have to ride the Bus. You will easily find buses everywhere in Dubai City. Almost every street has modern, fully-tech, and air-conditioned bus stops. You will see the map of the routes and a live display which will show you the exact time of arrival of the bus. As common all over the world, buses have different codes which will help you to know which bus is going to which area. To travel in the bus you will need a Nol card. But unfortunately You can't buy a ticket or Nol card in the bus or on the bus stop, so to be on the safe side, buy a Nol card from any metro station or any bus station before you ride. And always remember to keep your Nol card charged with enough amount, at least AED 10, otherwise riding the bus on low balance can cause you a nice penalty of AED 100.

By Taxi

Dubai is full of taxis, so don't worry if you are in a hurry, or want to spend more time seeing the city than waiting for the buses. You can even book taxis online through apps like RTA Smart Taxi, Careem or Uber. You also have the option to call a taxi center toll-free number to book a taxi. If you are already out on the road, no problem, tons of taxis will be waiting for you to ride. When it comes to the payment, you can pay in cash, or you can also use your debts-card or credit-card.

By Renting A Car

If you want to get around in Dubai City at your own pace and on your own peace then go for hiring a car. Depending on your budget you have a choice from an economical car to an expensive and luxurious limousine. You will need your passport, international driving license, third party insurance and of course credit card to hire a car. Don't worry about finding rent-a-car agencies in Dubai, you will see lots of rent a car agencies almost everywhere in the city. Just go to the agencies, provide the required documents and take your desired car for a ride.


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