How to Get Around in Dubai City

Getting around in Dubai City is not a big hassle. Here you have many options to get around  the city. Depending on your budget, you can choose from an economy ride like a bus, to a super luxurious ride like a limousine car. Let's explore all the options and see which one suits your budget for getting around in Dubai City. By Metro Dubai Metro is one of the most modern, fully-tech, comfortable, economical, and fast options for getting around in Dubai city. It almost covers a huge and main area of Dubai City, but unfortunately it's not covering the whole City. You can even ride in the metro from Dubai International Airport Terminal-1, on your arrival to Dubai. To ride the metro you need a ticket, but don’t worry You can buy tickets in any metro station. You can choose from a one-trip ticket, or one-day ticket, or rechargeable card, which is called Nol Card. Nol Card can also be used on the bus. So ride the metro and enjoy an amazing view of Dubai while traveling

How to Get Dubai Visit Visa

So you are planning to visit Dubai? That's great! and the best thing is, if you are eligible for visa-on-arrival or visa-free-entry , you don't have to do any arrangement in advance. If you are not in the above lists, then read on, I will guide you  step by step  how to get Dubai visit visa. Types of Dubai Visit Visa The first step is, that you should know there are several types of visit visas available for visiting Dubai. So let's go through the most common types and see which one is suitable for your traveling purpose. 90 Days Visit Visa This type of visa will allow you to stay in Dubai for 90 days from the date of your entry to Dubai. It is valid for 58 days to be used from its issued date. This type of  visa  usually take 3 to 4 working days to be processed from the date you apply. But you also have the option to apply for express-tourist visa which will take 24 hours to be processed. This type of visa also provides you the option for single entry or m